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тел.: +7 (812) 648-30-50, +7 (812) 648-30-51; факс: +7 (812) 648-30-70
E-mail: office@snsz.ru

Production facilities

Production facilities of the shipyard allow for construction of steel, GRP and aluminum ships of the following dimensions:

  • length 100 m
  • beam 16 m
  • draft 4.5 m
  • launching weight 2500 t.

Production floors

  • Total: 33.4 ha
  • Quay length: 200 m
  • Quay depth: 7 m.

Roofed building hangar: Total: 33 000 m². Separate building hangar:

  • length 80 m
  • width 19 m.

 Ships can be launched with a launching arrangement with lifting transverse trolley of 2500 ton lifting capacity.

Machining workshop 04

Machining workshop fabricates products for internal use. It has all necessary machines including drilling, turret lath, milling, and CNC lathing ones.

Hull assembling workshop

Hull assembling workshop provides a full cycle of metal hull construction: fabrication, assembling, erection, joining. Maximum performance is 480 tons of metal structures per month.

Galvanic workshop

 Galvanic workshop is purposed for chemical and galvanic processes. The workshop can do the following: chemical degreasing and pickling of steels, stainless steels, Cu-Ni, Al and Ti alloys (parts sized up to 6.0×0.8×1.5 m); phosphate coating (parts sized up to 3.2×0.8×0.8 m); zinc plating of the carbon steels, low magnetic steels (like the UZ series), and Cu-Ni alloys (chemical, sulfuric acid, hard, wear-resistant); copper plating; nickel plating; tin plating; chrome plating; pipe inside cleaning by detergent solution pumping.

Outfitting workshop


Outfitting workshop provides all the piping installation, mechanical installation and outfitting processes.

GRP workshop 02

GRP workshop fabricates composite items for the industry’s players (GRP superstructures, GRP fairings etc.), GRP hulls, and GRP-related outfitting and finishing activities at all the ships being constructed by the shipyard.

Degaussing bench  03

The bench is designed for degaussing. It is outfitted with up-to-date measurement equipments to meter magnetic induction and magnetic moments of sophisticated mechanisms and equipment.

The bench is suitable for measuring/degaussing shaped items up to 10 tons sized to 2.6×3.2 m.

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