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GRP competence center

The modern world imposes increasing requirements to structures in view of weight and strength properties with their physical and mechanical parameters kept unchanged. By the end of the XX century, such material was aluminium or aluminium alloys, but in the XXI century, it is replaced with polymeric composite materials.

SNSZ builds ships and vessels of composite materials for longer than a decade, so that the shipyard manufactures products, which are unique in the domestic and global markets. The shipyard products are also competitive because of using advanced production processes.

Now SNSZ masters all state-of-theart methods of manufacturing bulky structures of composite materials:

• contact molding where reinforcing material is laid manually and impregnated with binder
• RTM and its modifications wherereinforcing material is impregnated by injecting binder under pressure
• nfusion process where reinforcing material is impregnated under vacuum.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages and is applied based on its expediency in terms of technology, finance, etc.

The shipyard has developed the scheme for interaction between software solutions of different producers in order to perform GRP production preparation. This scheme is unique in the domestic and foreign GRP shipbuilding. The representatives of the foreign companies, who took part in decision-making for some elements of this technology,
recognize these decisions as advanced ones in the industry.

To adopt advanced technologies, the shipyard has procured production equipment from international brandname manufacturers. A part of this equipment was customized for SNSZ in view of structures to be manufactured and materials applied, and is unique in
the world. 

The shipyard selects necessary initial materials for items on its own, issues all necessary design and production documentation and conducts certification tests involving laboratories, industry branch research institutes, universities, RS and MOD of the Russian Federation, as needed.

Today the shipyard implements military and civil shipbuilding projects along with development and fabrication of composite structures for the Ministry of Defense,
Ministry of Industry and Trade, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, real economy enterprises, etc. SNSZ systematically expands its activities in the composite construction and fabrication of various purpose structures. Experience in shipbuilding and import substitution made it possible to form the system of adoption of new shipbuilding materials in which the shipyard became the competence centre in the area of composite shipbuilding.

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