Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard, JSC
Zavodskaya str., 10, c. Pontonniy, Saint-Peresburg, RUSSIA, 196643
tel.: +7 (812) 648-30-50, +7 (812) 648-30-51; fax: +7 (812) 648-30-70

About us

Dear Sirs and Madams!

We are pleased to present Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard (SNSZ) which is one of the leading shipbuilders in Russia and the leader in domestic composite shipbuilding.

Founded in 1912 in Petersburg on the Neva riverside, the shipyard over 100 years of its complicated history has evolved into a large highly innovative high-tech company, with a portfolio of over 500 ships constructed under 43 projects for the Russian Navy and for export.

SNSZ has always been at the forefront of innovations which contributed to advance of the shipyard itself and the Russian shipbuilding as a whole. SNSZ pioneered the use of electric welding and was the first in domestic naval shipbuilding to master construction of minesweepers from al-mag and low-magnetic alloys. Finally, SNSZ was the first in the country and in the world to start constructing GRP ships. Today, SNSZ remains true to the traditions and continues focusing on adoption of innovative shipbuilding technologies from design to disposal, which is the key factor for the market success.

SNSZ applies in practice the principle of a compact shipyard where all production shops are serially arranged in the production flow and located “under one roof”. In 2018, SNSZ will complete upgrading, which will enable the shipyard to deliver two composite and two steel ships annually.

SNSZ offers a full ship construction cycleto its customers, starting with the detailed documentation and ending with the ship delivery. The shipyard production program covers ships for different applications (MCM ships, patrol ships, missile boats (corvettes), work boats and passenger ships) sized as follows: up to 100 m in length, up to 16 m in breadth, up to 4.5 m in draught, and up to 2700 t in launching weight.

The shipyard has a long-standing upward-trending newbuilding program, diversified product line, powerful production and personnel capacities, and feels confident about the future. SNSZ practices an outward-looking policy, continuously broadening its collaboration with both conventional and new customers in Russia and abroad. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies along with advanced materials, SNSZ has succeeded in reducing the lag in the field of domestic composite shipbuilding and has ranked as one of the leading global manufacturers.

Our shipyard is a credible and sustainable partner aiming at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We work for you.

V. Seredokho General Director of Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard



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