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History of the company

Ust-Izhora Shipyard (now Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard) was laid in July 1912. And as far back as the end of 1913 the shipyard construction was completed and four slipways 120 m long and 15 m wide appeared on the bank of the Neva river. At that time about one and a half thousand people worked for the shipyard.

In November 1913 the Shipyard started assembling the first destroyer hulls for the Navy Department. All told, from November 1913 to December 1916 Ust-Izhora Shipyard built and delivered eight Orfey-class destroyers (displacement 1450 t, length 98 m, beam 9.3 m, draft 3.3 m, power 30 000 hp, speed 35 kt).

comissionClosing of orders and political events caused slackness of the shipyard from November 1917 to 1920. From 1920 to 1928 the Shipyard had to carry out a great variety of orders to survive: repair of railway cars, repair of tugs, manufacture of principals and tanks for the Volkhov Hydroelectric Station, construction of boats, repair of steamers.

In 1928, Ust-Izhora Shipyard welcomed Dzerzhinsky Repair Shipyard, Leningrad including all the equipment and personnel. Then the Shipyard started equipping shops, the power station, industrial buildings; repairing living accommodations and outbuildings. In 1931 the Shipyard became Ust-Izhora Pilot Shipyard. It featured the best welding equipment at that time. By 1934 the Shipyard became the leading shiprepairer in the North-West and one of the largest shiprepairers in the USSR specializing both in ship repair and building.

 Since 1937 the Shipyard focused on minesweepers. In the prewar period the Shipyard (named Plant No 363 at that time) built ten Type 53U minesweepers.

Расчеты зенитных артиллерийских установок на палубе тральщикаDuring the Great Patriotic War the Shipyard, being five miles from the front line, kept on building the Type 53U minesweepers, built scows and selfpropelled cutters for the Road of Life, small trawlers displacement 100 t) and repaired warships.

For the dedicated work and military equipment delivered to the front line, on May 4, 1985 the Shipyard was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War (1st degree) upon the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.

In 1947 the Shipyard started construction of new Type 254 trawlers to clean channels after the war. These trawlers were built by a new modular line and position method. The Shipyard had to meet a tight schedule (7-9 months from laying to handover), work under conditions of low production cost (about 800 thousand roubles) and low labor cost (about 250 000 standard hours). The head and chief builder of the Shipyard were awarded the State Prize for the introduction of a new technology.

Later the Shipyard mastered and built a large number of new advanced ships for the Navy. In the USSR the Shipyard pioneered in building ships with aluminummagnesium alloy superstructures in the 1950s and in building low-magnetic steel hulls in the 1960s. The Shipyard was the first in the world to build a large fiberglass trawler in 1966.

Первый серийный РТЩ проекта 1258 Корунд во время достроечных работIn the 1960S, the Shipyard built the Skafandr deep-water rescue bell, in the 1970s the head, and then the serial Plamya and Ikarus heavy-duty fire ships.

Besides, the Shipyard produced a lot of consumer goods: yachts, fiberglass and aluminum alloy boats. They all were in good demand.

Developing the main specialization – minesweepers construction – in 1970-1980 the Shipyard delivered twenty-seven Type 266M ships for the Navy and twenty one ships for foreign customers.

At the same time in 1977-1983 the Shipyard delivered twelve missile gunboats.

In the early 1980S Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard was subject to reconstruction to start the construction of new vessels. The shops were reconstructed and a local power substation was built. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Soviet Union and economic reforms in the country froze the process.

Рейдовый тральщик проекта 1259The difficulties of the 1990s did not break down the Shipyard which managed to retain its production capacity and personnel. This allowed for the construction of ships of a new generation. The Shipyard completed the Gumanenko (2000), Valentin Pikul (2001), Vice-Admiral Zakharin (2006) minesweepers, four Type 10750 minesweepers (1992-1996).

In 2008, the shipyard launched the Ataman multi-purpose fire and rescue ship and delivered the Lukoil floating gas station to the customer.

The important state orders implemented and high-quality commercial shipbuilding prove that Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard has a great potential, and high-quality products speak for high skills of the personnel.

In 2009-2011 the Shipyard continues a comprehensive reconstruction of the main facilities, improves the latest technologies in shipbuilding, delivers four superstructures for Type 20380 corvettes. In 2010-2011 it launches two Type 12418 missile boats.

In 2012 fifth fiberglass superstructure for corvette of 20380 project was delivered to the customer.

In 2013 the construction of 150-seats passenger catamaran and 6 pusher tug (project 81) was started. Also conducting construction of poloidal coil PF-1 and vessel hull with hydrofoil.

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